Delve in...

...our comprehensive range of glass and plastic packaging products. For us, packaging is not simply functional but also a design object that is of utmost significance for successful sales.

Join us on a little tour of our company and get to know our range of products.

The story of our company...

...begins in the year 1910. Walter Greve founds a company that sells hollow glassware.

Two years later, in 1912, Wilhelm Behrens already buys the company and starts single entrepreneurship. „Greve“ only remains as an addition in the company name.

The small start-up rapidly advances to an upcoming, reputed Hamburg enterprise. Requiring ever more spacious premises, the company moves several times. The company’s present headquarters in Hamburg-Stellingen were already purchased in the late 1920ies and an expansive warehouse of approx. 7,000 m² was erected on the premises.

By today, various restructuring measures have taken place and new buildings been set up to accommodate modern requirements.

Throughout the company’s 100 year-long existence it has always remained a family-owned business.

In the beginning...

...stands your idea and your product. We are happy to provide advice and help you design your packaging. A unique packaging is able to add extra value to your product.

We are able to act as your supplier, consultant, and developers. Your requirements are our challenge.

For each content
its own packaging...

Our product range offers standard packaging solutions that are available in stock at all times. Should you require own, individual glass or plastic shapes, we will be happy to advise you and help you design your own bottles. We provide a single-source „full service“ through to production.

...and for each
its own lid

Whether you select a lid, cap, or closure from our extensive product range or whether you require special closing solutions, we will provide you with the right product to match your needs. We hold standard plastic, tinplate and aluminium lids, caps, etc. in store.

We are happy to provide further information.

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If you have any questions or wish to obtain information on specific services or products for your company, please do not hesitate to send us an email – we will contact you as soon as possible.

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